Bug Free Summer

05/22/12 Bug Free Summer

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This weekend you’re throwing the coolest fiesta in your backyard! You have everything: mojitos, salsa music, BarBaQuey, and bugs! Bugs? How can we enjoy your hermano’s imitation of Pitbull’s hit, “I Know You Want Me” if we are busy swatting away those pesky insects? Chica, I know you don’t want that so use these eco...

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Lemons to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains

04/02/12 Lemons to Remove Tomato Sauce Stains

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Caray! You made the most amazing Enchiladas Rojas for your hombre last night, but your gorgeous spring dress now looks like a red-eyed cyclops. And your cutting board has red streaks that looks like it was murdered in cold blood. What were you doing, chica? Reenacting Scarface? Mexican food fight? I won’t ask. The reason...

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Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

03/20/12 Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

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Watching your novio do the laundry is hot right? What? He doesn’t do it! Send your man packing out the door along with his dirty laundry. Ok, you love him too much to do that? Have him read this exclusive interview with heartthrob, JenCarlos Canela, who is the Hispanic spokesperson for the new Tide Pods laundry detergent and...

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The Solution Is Already There

09/29/11 The Solution Is Already There

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Our abuelitas are nothing if not resourceful. These are women who can whip up a feast out of leftovers and a few odds and ends, and clean the entire house from top to bottom using everyday household items.  So why not take a leaf out of their book and have the stuff you already have in your home serve double duty? You’ll save...

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The Side Of Beer You Never Knew About

09/08/11 The Side Of Beer You Never Knew About

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When you think about beer, you picture yourself drinking an ice-cold Corona with a lime wedge in it to cool down a hot summer day. Or maybe you are reminded of getting together with the family to have an asado and watch the futbol game. Whatever images beer evokes for you, chances are they are not of a versatile household product....

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More Useful Everyday Tips

06/28/11 More Useful Everyday Tips

Posted in Appliances

If you loved our first crop of useful household hints but thought you could use a few more to help stem the flow of domestic havoc that is the direct result of leaving the comfort of Hotel Mami and setting up shop on your own, then you are in luck. The following tips will hopefully help you avert those mundane calamities that, while...

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