OMG: The 3-Hour Diet

04/09/12 OMG: The 3-Hour Diet

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Bikini season is closer than you think. Every hottie with a six pack will be looking you up and down at the beach this summer. But, esos criticones will have nothing to say after you follow the advice of Latino weight loss guru, Jorge Cruise. He’s taken the USA by storm with his book, The 3-Hour Diet. Don’t let the...

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Pepper And Green Tea For A Hot Body

01/31/12 Pepper And Green Tea For A Hot Body

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As far as fad diets, you name it, we’ve done it. Heck. If you told me that those skinny Argentinas stay slender by drinking a glass of horse sweat a day, I’d run to the nearest bodega to get a bottle or two. But we just learned about something new and it doesn’t involve anything that gross. Adding pepper is...

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Stay Fit While Partying

12/07/11 Stay Fit While Partying

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Holiday parties are a double-edged sword. They’re tons of fun, but they’re also a vast land of temptation. There are so many delicious – and highly caloric – holiday treats beckoning to be sampled. Lechon, natilla, buñuelos, coquito…good Lord, it’s almost too much for anyone to resist. Luckily, holistic health counselor...

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Posture Pains

11/17/11 Posture Pains

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Still having trouble sitting up straight? Try as you might, you still can’t achieve correct posture and it’s causing you all sorts of muscle pain.  The problem may be that despite your best efforts to stop slouching, your muscles are too weak to support you. Why? Because of your inactive lifestyle, mija. Between work and the...

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What Every Latina Should Know About Breast Cancer

10/28/11 What Every Latina Should Know About Breast Cancer

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As if diabetes and osteoporosis weren’t bad enough, now it turns out as Latinas we are at higher risk for breast cancer. Juuuust great. So what is it about our Hispanic ta-tas that makes them prone to developing the big C? Being too busy to get checked, putting others before ourselves, believing Diosito’s healing powers are...

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Crank Up Your Mid-Afternoon Energy

10/13/11 Crank Up Your Mid-Afternoon Energy

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Sunday lunch at a Latino household can be the equivalent of any Thanksgiving dinner: mounds and mounds of food, complete with post-meal sluggishness. But since it’s Sunday afternoon, you can give in to the drowsiness and sink into a delicious and well-deserved siesta. But what about when that lethargy hits you during the middle of...

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