Food on the Table

05/30/12 Food on the Table

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It’s the end of the month. Your restaurant expense has almost eaten you out of your home. Time to start cooking at home. Don’t roll your eyes, chica! Everyone knows you’re not the best chef.  Remember your Surprise Tamal? Frankly, we are surprised no one ended up in the emergency room. Chiste, mujer.But seriously, combining...

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Reál Sangria for Summer Fun

05/15/12 Reál Sangria for Summer Fun

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Can you hear it now? “Oye, ven a comer el lechon!” shouts your Tío Pepe who lives five minutes away but screams into the phone as if you were in China. Another BBQ with your loving family. Your presence is requested or deal with your Mami’s version of the Spanish Inquistion. Arriving empty handed is out of the question but...

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The Best Veggies For Protein

04/24/12 The Best Veggies For Protein

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If you are what you eat, then, let’s face it chica, you’re one big, fried empanada with a side of  about a dozen Chalupas. And then you ask why you’ve been feeling sluggish all week. Give your system a good kick in the pants and go vegetarian for a week. Worried about not getting enough protein? No worries....

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Don’t Buy This Honey, Honey

03/05/12 Don’t Buy This Honey, Honey

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You know that honey you have in your pantry? The Sue Bee and Winnie the Pooh that you love drowning your Greek yogurt in or using along with your French Maid outfit with your hombre. That’s not real, honey, chica. Get rid of it. And here’s why. It’s faker than Susana Maria’s breasts. Colombian implants, girl....

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Stress Therapy with a Kick: Canelazo

02/22/12 Stress Therapy with a Kick: Canelazo

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Step away from the hot chocolate, girl. It might be cold outside, but after a 10 hour day at the office and that loca, Candice, on your team taking the credit for all of your work you need something a little stronger. A Canelazo is definitely in order. No. It’s not a juetazo to Candice’s head, but sure, that’ll...

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Aguapanela: Colombians Secret to Curing a Cold

01/17/12 Aguapanela: Colombians Secret to Curing a Cold

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Ask almost any Colombiana and she knows aguapanela is a well kept secret to relieve flu symptoms usually prescribed by her abuelita or mama. Never heard of it?  It’s also known as piloncillo, papelón, raspadura and chancaca. Each Latin country has given it a different name but the results are the same: delicious relief. You...

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