Amazing Gifts From Amazing Clubs

06/05/12 Amazing Gifts From Amazing Clubs

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Who loves you as much as your Mami? Your Papi, of course! Chica, you’re his princesa. This Father’s Day treat him like a king.Amazing Clubs makes gift-giving fun and he will remember the gift long after the day is gone because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Papiis going to be happy when he continues to receive a gift...

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Food on the Table

05/30/12 Food on the Table

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It’s the end of the month. Your restaurant expense has almost eaten you out of your home. Time to start cooking at home. Don’t roll your eyes, chica! Everyone knows you’re not the best chef.  Remember your Surprise Tamal? Frankly, we are surprised no one ended up in the emergency room. Chiste, mujer.But seriously, combining...

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Bug Free Summer

05/22/12 Bug Free Summer

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This weekend you’re throwing the coolest fiesta in your backyard! You have everything: mojitos, salsa music, BarBaQuey, and bugs! Bugs? How can we enjoy your hermano’s imitation of Pitbull’s hit, “I Know You Want Me” if we are busy swatting away those pesky insects? Chica, I know you don’t want that so use these eco...

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Reál Sangria for Summer Fun

05/15/12 Reál Sangria for Summer Fun

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Can you hear it now? “Oye, ven a comer el lechon!” shouts your Tío Pepe who lives five minutes away but screams into the phone as if you were in China. Another BBQ with your loving family. Your presence is requested or deal with your Mami’s version of the Spanish Inquistion. Arriving empty handed is out of the question but...

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Kickstarter Makes the Impossible Possible

05/08/12 Kickstarter Makes the Impossible Possible

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Remember when we were young girls in the neighborhood, we’d dream about bringing our creative ideas to life if only we had un millón de dólares. Fortunately, you saved your ideas in your Selena Quintanilla Perez covered spiral notebook because might be the place to make your dreams come true. In 2008, Perry Chen,...

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The Royal Blindfold

05/01/12 The Royal Blindfold

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Oh the fun we had when we were chiquillas hitting that candy filled piñata with our blindfold on! Tapping the right spot and racing for the sweets. Que rico! Or those times we blindly twirled three times around before attempting to place the tail on the donkey at Bobby’s birthday party. Those types of games are over but thanks to...

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