Girlfriendology: Girlfriend Power in Social Media

04/10/12 Girlfriendology: Girlfriend Power in Social Media

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Where would you be without your amigas? Las mismas bandidas who set you up with your last novio! We need each other, inspire each other and support one another. The promotion you didn’t get sent you texting your bestie, right? She said all the right words to put a smile on your face. Girlfriends are the special chicas in our...

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Guide To Foreign Cultures

01/20/11 Guide To Foreign Cultures

Posted in Social Issues

You already know that not all of your Latin customs translate to the gringo world (i.e. kissing hello or Dia de los Inocentes in December) and vice versa, but what about the world beyond that? Surely a well-traveled Cosmopolatina has encountered people from different cultures and may have even experienced a faux-pas or two. In...

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Keyboard Shortcuts For Spanish Accents

01/20/11 Keyboard Shortcuts For Spanish Accents

Posted in Internet Etiquette

If you’ve been sending e-mails to your Spanish-speaking family and friends wishing them a Happy New Anus rather than a Happy New Year just because you have no idea how to type an ñ on your computer, we’re here to help. Don’t let an English keyboard foil your resolution to keep in touch with your far-away family. Learn how to...

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