Use PassFault to Find Every Fault in Your Password

08/14/12 Use PassFault to Find Every Fault in Your Password

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Every morning I must use five different passwords in my every day routine. Personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and that’s all before noon, chicas! Not only would I have had to memorize all of those passwords but I would have to make sure that they are strong enough against those vicious hackers....

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Camerism Isn’t A Religion

05/24/12 Camerism Isn’t A Religion

Posted in Hobbies

This Memorial Day weekend brush the dust off the fancy digital camera, the one your mami bought you for Christmas. Chica, you were so funny when you thought you were going to be the next Ansel Adams until you saw all of those buttons on it. Sadly, it sits on the top of your closet waiting for the day you learn how to work it. With...

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Picture Perfect with Lytro

05/17/12 Picture Perfect with Lytro

Posted in Gadgets, [Featured]

Spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive camera only to find out that you’re going to need to spend more money to learn how to use it es una locura! A Lytro is the solution for beautiful pictures. You want to capture the moment when your novio dances to La Macerena, not mess up your manicure fiddling with the focusing lens....

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Mother’s Day Cards from iPhone to Mailbox

05/10/12 Mother’s Day Cards from iPhone to Mailbox

Posted in Apps

Querida, you’re too broke to visit mami for Mother’s Day because you splurged on those Manolo pumps for your date with that nobody. Now what? Another edible fruit basket? Por favor! You gave her that for Valentine’s Day. You need something personal, bonito y barato. Once again, Apple comes to the rescue with two greeting card...

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Pawn With Pride

05/03/12 Pawn With Pride

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Orgullo is synonymous with Latinas. There are certain places we would never want to be caught entering in public like a pawnshop! What would your mami say? Worse, what would she do? No te preocupes, your secret is safe with us. Go to Pawngo, an online pawn shop and avoid your mami’s chancleta. From the comfort of your home, you...

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The Magic Cube: A Virtual Keyboard

04/25/12 The Magic Cube: A Virtual Keyboard

Posted in Gadgets

Come on, admit it. You’re in love with your Smartphone. With all those apps you downloaded it’s pretty much become like your own personal butler. What could make it even better? How about if you could plug some kind of keyboard into it? Technology like that seems like it belongs in a distant future along with flying...

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