Cascarones: One Cool Egg Tradition

04/04/12 Cascarones: One Cool Egg Tradition

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You know, you’d think that Easter and Passover have nothing to do with each other, but they have más en común than you can imagine. Example? Huevos. And I’m talking about the edible kind, like the ones you have for breakfast, sucia. Speaking of eggs, giving chocolate ones to pequeños esquincles is more of a gringo...

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Cheek’d: Reverse Online Dating

03/29/12 Cheek’d: Reverse Online Dating

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You’re a modern chica who has gone after what you wanted in life like your stellar career and your loft with the fabulous view, but when it comes to relationships, you’re a little more traditional, like un cafecito in un jarro Mexicano. This online dating thing you took a stab at just isn’t working for you....

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Caridad Pineiro: Award Winning Latina Author

03/27/12 Caridad Pineiro: Award Winning Latina Author

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Did you know that March was Women’s History Month? Por Dios! Of course, you didn’t, mujer. You’ve been so busy waiting in line for ”The Hunger Games” movie tickets, instead. In fact, that flick was based on a novel written by a woman. Well, Latinas are making history, too. Turns out Native Cuban,...

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HPNG Event: Meet the Digital Media Divas

03/21/12 HPNG Event: Meet the Digital Media Divas

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Got a dream? Well, get off your butt y a trabajar como un esclavo, mujer. Nobody has even gotten anywhere by just counting their lucky stars or praying their daily Hail Mary’s. Don’t get me wrong. As much as I believe in mis angelitos and have been spared from precarious events from playing out in my South American...

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Más Latino Que Nunca: The Circus

03/13/12 Más Latino Que Nunca: The Circus

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Aaah. I can smell it now. The buttered, air-popped popcorn; warm and wispy clouds of baby blue cotton candy and fresh elephant poop. Mmm hmm! Those are the sweet smells of a the Greatest Show on Earth. It’s enough to make a full grown woman get all loca loca loca with excitement. Like when you found that Marc Jacob’s...

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Dance to This Remake of Oscar D’León’s “Llorarás”

03/07/12 Dance to This Remake of Oscar D’León’s “Llorarás”

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That Don Juan who thinks he’s el Papi Chulo of the century. I knew he was a good for nothing heart breaker with his perfectly dark skin and his thick, Crew product laden brown hair. He’s got the THD syndrome: Tall, dark and handsome. These are his weapons that make girls like you fall to their knees. Boba! Well,...

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