This Band is the Bomba Estéreo

02/07/12 This Band is the Bomba Estéreo

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When your Colombian friend invited you over for a steaming cup of Chocolate caliente in a mug con queso blanco you were a bit weirded out. Sounded like an unlikely pairing, right? But at first sip you happily thought, “Dios mio! This is actually really good.” Ha. Who knew? Same thing with the Latin band straight...

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Rock With Sabor!

08/02/11 Rock With Sabor!

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When you think of Latin music, salsa and merengue are probably some of the first things that spring to mind. Most people associate Latin music with the traditional, tropical, get-your-rumba-on type rhythms we’re admittedly best known for. But let’s not forget there’s a whole world out there of Latin American rock, which is not...

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All About Latinos

03/08/11 All About Latinos

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You are a loud and proud Latina, always eager to get closer in touch with your roots and ready to share the wonders of our culture with anyone who might listen. Who can blame you? There are so many awesome things about being Latin. If you want to keep up with Latin-themed events around the country, want to find out the latest in...

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Top 10 Latin Love Songs

02/08/11 Top 10 Latin Love Songs

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Remember back in high school when you used to make mix tapes for any and all occasions? It was cute and fun, so why not kick it old-school this year and make a romantic playlist to set the mood for the Valentine’s Day seduction of your man. And what better music to accompany your hottest moves than the steamiest Latin songs of all...

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