Summer’s Hottest Beauty Trends

07/27/11 Summer’s Hottest Beauty Trends

Posted in Hair, Makeup

What’s hotter than hot? The sizzling CosmoSplash Fashion Show in the middle of a Miami summer, that’s what! Miami Fashion Week has been scorching, as expected, but the CosmoSplash definitely put the ‘sea’ in ‘searing hot’ with their amazing beachwear collection. LaCosmo was privileged enough to attend the...

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Mascara With Brains

05/25/11 Mascara With Brains

Posted in Eyes

We’ve already told you how much we love the all-natural Tarte cosmetics, but we think we may be falling in love all over again. We are simply locas for Tarte’s Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara, because it not only gives TONS of instant volume, it also hydrates and repairs lashes with continued use. The result is beautiful and...

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When It Comes To Beauty, Sample Don’t Gamble

01/26/11 When It Comes To Beauty, Sample Don’t Gamble

Posted in Tools

You and your amigas are always sharing beauty secrets and products; trying out new things, recommending stuff that works and bashing stuff that doesn’t. It’s always fun discovering a new mascara that actually plumps lashes or a moisturizer that smells fantastic and is not greasy. But these little treasure hunts don’t always...

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Infallible Remedy For Dry Lips

01/26/11 Infallible Remedy For Dry Lips

Posted in Lips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so your lips need to be in tip-top, kissable shape. No chapped, flaky pouts allowed here. No one wants to feel like they’re making out with the back of a crunchy chicharron. For super-soft lips that beg to be kissed, try this tried and true remedio casero that has been smoothing the...

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The Right Red For Every Latina

12/17/10 The Right Red For Every Latina

Posted in Makeup

Not all red lipsticks are created equal. And with good reason, as not all skin tones are equal either. The wrong shade of red for your skin can result in a disaster of Enrique-Iglesias-hair-plugs proportions. The last thing you want is to end up looking like a cross between Celia Cruz and a circus clown, or a goth lost on the way to...

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Cute, Sparkly and Functional: The Best Eyelash Curler

12/10/10 Cute, Sparkly and Functional: The Best Eyelash Curler

Posted in Tools

An eyelash without the curl is like a quesadilla without the cheese: pointless. Many of us weren’t lucky enough to have been born with Raquel Welch eyelashes (oh yeah, a Latina. Didn’t you know?) and we need outside assistance. This comes in the form of an eyelash curler, that medieval torture device-looking contraption that is...

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