Open Your Eyes to Threading

06/04/12 Open Your Eyes to Threading

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It’s no longer necessary to feel the pain of plucking your eyebrows. Not to mention the over plucking that makes your eyebrows pencil thin. Ew! Waxing is no fun either. The burning sensation and redness afterward from those chemicals is anything but sexy. Chica, the easiest, most inexpensive and effective way to keep your eyebrows...

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Poo Free with Baking Soda

05/27/12 Poo Free with Baking Soda

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We have always been vain about our gorgeous Latina mane. It’s obvious you could go head to head with Sofia Vergara’s long wavy hair. But did you know that you could get amazing hair and be eco friendly, too? Si, mujer. Poo free is the way to be! Clean up your planet and hair at the same time. Chica, the chemicals found in your...

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The Cosmetics Cop: Paula Begoun

03/12/12 The Cosmetics Cop: Paula Begoun

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What hurts more? Getting cheated by your two-timing novio or getting cheated out of your hard earned money on beauty products that didn’t live up to its promises? Tough question. There should be law enforcements out on both areas. Fortunately, there is a cop for one of them. Paula Begoun, better known as The Cosmetics Cop, has...

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Raccoon Eye Blues? Smudge Proofing Mascara

01/23/12 Raccoon Eye Blues? Smudge Proofing Mascara

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So you’re finally flirting with the Enrique Iglesias look-alike you’ve had your eye on for months, and you’re giving him your sultriest, ven-a-mi look when you suddenly catch a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and realize your mascara has completely smudged under your eyes. Aaargh! Here you thought you looked super...

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Take It All Off

11/28/11 Take It All Off

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Sometimes taking your eye makeup off before you go to bed is a huge pereza, but it must be done. Aside from the fact that waking up with raccoon eyes is thoroughly unattractive, the makeup could potentially irritate or even infect your eyes (yeah…an eyeful of pus is the last thing you need). If you’re using a harsh makeup...

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Beware Poisonous Make-Up

11/04/11 Beware Poisonous Make-Up

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Usually when we shop for make-up the characteristics we look for are things like staying power and how well it blends in. Rarely do we stop to think about the actual components of the make-up we’re buying, and the fact that we usually go out wearing a face full of nasty chemicals. Just because a product doesn’t immediately...

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