Pantene Pena

05/07/12 Pantene Pena

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As savvy Latinas, we know that every day is Earth day. We love our Mother Earth as much as we love our mamis. Que bueno to find out that Pantene Nature Fusion collection is the first hair care brand to use renewable, sugarcane-based plastic in its product packaging. Bravo! You’re dying to know how the new collection will work on...

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Your Hair Deserves Only The Best

09/30/11 Your Hair Deserves Only The Best

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We Latinas can appreciate the spice of life: variety – which is one of the reasons we’ve all tried a multitude of hair colors throughout our lives. Maybe we wanted to find out firsthand if blondes really do have more fun, or we wanted to go through the classic Latina stage of being a redhead for a while. Regardless of the shade...

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The Braiding Bunch

09/12/11 The Braiding Bunch

Posted in Styles

Braids were a big hit in 2010, showing up everywhere from the haute couture runways to your local neighborhood Wal-Mart. They’re still going strong as a trend in 2011, but this year has given the tried and true braids a little twist. These aren’t the good-girl trenzas you wore on the schoolyard; the hairstyle that will be...

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Three Go-To Looks For Perfect

09/02/11 Three Go-To Looks For Perfect

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Us chicas like to look our best wherever we go. Sure, we’ve all snuck out to la tienda in our chanclas and messy hair a couple of times, but those were emergencies and no one saw.  Every other time, though, we take care to look as nice as possible regardless of what look we are going for. And, boy, do we like to experiment with...

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Summer’s Hottest Beauty Trends

07/27/11 Summer’s Hottest Beauty Trends

Posted in Hair, Makeup

What’s hotter than hot? The sizzling CosmoSplash Fashion Show in the middle of a Miami summer, that’s what! Miami Fashion Week has been scorching, as expected, but the CosmoSplash definitely put the ‘sea’ in ‘searing hot’ with their amazing beachwear collection. LaCosmo was privileged enough to attend the...

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Japanese vs. Brazilian

02/28/11 Japanese vs. Brazilian

Posted in Latest Trends

Want perfectly straight and smooth hair? Want it everyday without having to spend 25 minutes straining your arm muscles and frying your hair with a hot blow dryer or straightening iron? Done and done, and right from the comfort of your own home! Rio de Keratin Treatment Starter Kit is the answer to your prayers. Otherwise known as...

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