Glam Gals

11/21/11 Glam Gals

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There are all sorts of amazing women out there. We’ve all been inspired by a strong, independent woman in our lives, be it a teacher, a friend or the abuelita who came to the US with nothing but the clothes on her back. We wish we could honor these women every day (and we probably should just by telling them how much they mean to...

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Sportswear That Is Anything But Dull

11/14/11 Sportswear That Is Anything But Dull

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Hey, chicas, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Nike’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection and it is HOT! Or should we say caliente? Because more than one Latina had a hand in this. Boxer Marlen Esparza and javelin thrower Leryn Franco were the muses who provided their...

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Etsy With Sabor Latino

10/17/11 Etsy With Sabor Latino

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If you like rare and unique handmade art and accessories, Etsy is always a great place to turn to. Not only is it a fantastic source for limited-edition pieces, but you are helping out independent artists by shopping there. If you feel like showing off your heritage with some quirky jewelry you know there’s some really cool stuff...

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Fall Fashions

10/10/11 Fall Fashions

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One of the coolest things about the changing seasons is the also-changing fashions. We get to try new trends or revive some old ones we were hoping would make a comeback (we’re firm believers in the old adage ‘guardelo que la moda vuelve’ which is why we’re still hanging on to our Spice Girl-style platform sneakers). The...

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The VPL And How to Elude It

08/29/11 The VPL And How to Elude It

Posted in Lingerie

You know all about GTL, AOL and LOL, but have you heard about VPL? If not, you’re about to and you better listen up because this one concerns all of us chicas. VPL is the fly in the ointment of an otherwise perfect outfit: the Visible Panty Line – so tacky. The outline of your underwear showing through your dress or pants can...

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Heels Without The Pain

08/22/11 Heels Without The Pain

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We all adore our sky-high heels, and how sexy they make us feel. But at the end of the night when our feet are a throbbing mass of blisters, maybe we love them just a little less. It’s not their fault they’re so uncomfortable, after all “para lucir hay que sufrir”, right? Well, you can throw that old adage right out the...

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