Chictopia and You

05/21/12 Chictopia and You

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Friday night at Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, you’re sipping Mojitos and entertaining your amiguitas with your unsolicited fashion opinion regarding the wardrobe choices of unsuspecting strangers around you. Friends frequently compliment you on your eye for clothing, right? If only you could spread your gift to the world and...

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Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

05/14/12 Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

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Every woman you know has owned one of Chanel’s fragrances at least once in her lifetime. Hasta tu mami y abuelita. But, you want to stand out from the others. Leave a scent that lingers with sophistication and youthfulness. Beige by Chanel does all of that with its white and yellow floral scent and just a hint of honey. Master...

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The Perfect Jeans

01/01/12 The Perfect Jeans

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Many Latinas have a hard time finding jeans that fit. We tend to have small waists, curvy hips and short legs which does not make for easy shopping. We usually end up with jeans that are either too loose in the waist or too tight in the butt, and too long more often than not. Then we end up spending almost as much money on...

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Add A Touch of Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

12/18/11 Add A Touch of Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

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A Cosmopolatina is always hot no matter what, it’s in our blood. But with the frigid temperatures outside, even we need a little help staying warm sometimes. And you can be sure that we will be doing it with mucho estilo, as we do everything. So how to stay caliente this winter, both literally and figuratively speaking? Fashion...

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The Heavy Metal Look

12/14/11 The Heavy Metal Look

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Christmas decorations make everything so beautiful, all sparkly and bright. It lifts up your mood just to look at them.  You can also look sparkly, beautiful and festive without having to wear tinsel or a light-up reindeer nose; simply get in on one of this season’s hottest trends: metallics. They’re everywhere, and with good...

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These Boots Were Made For Strutting

12/05/11 These Boots Were Made For Strutting

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Boots are definitely the go-to footwear for the winter. They keep us warm and stylin’ all through the colder months. And with such an amazing range of choices out there, there is no danger of missing your summer sandalias (well, maybe just a little).  You not only have a wide variety of heels to choose from, there are also a ton...

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