Open Your Eyes to Threading

06/04/12 Open Your Eyes to Threading

Posted in Makeup

It’s no longer necessary to feel the pain of plucking your eyebrows. Not to mention the over plucking that makes your eyebrows pencil thin. Ew! Waxing is no fun either. The burning sensation and redness afterward from those chemicals is anything but sexy. Chica, the easiest, most inexpensive and effective way to keep your eyebrows...

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Just Fab For Feet

05/29/12 Just Fab For Feet

Posted in Feet Care

Querida, let’s face it. Shoe shopping makes us happy. We love shoes as much as Pitbull loves himself. He’s convinced we want him but what we want more are inexpensive quality shoes that capture our personality without depleting our bank account. is every shoe fanatic’s dream.  The site has two great programs that...

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Poo Free with Baking Soda

05/27/12 Poo Free with Baking Soda

Posted in Tools

We have always been vain about our gorgeous Latina mane. It’s obvious you could go head to head with Sofia Vergara’s long wavy hair. But did you know that you could get amazing hair and be eco friendly, too? Si, mujer. Poo free is the way to be! Clean up your planet and hair at the same time. Chica, the chemicals found in your...

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Chictopia and You

05/21/12 Chictopia and You

Posted in Clothes

Friday night at Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, you’re sipping Mojitos and entertaining your amiguitas with your unsolicited fashion opinion regarding the wardrobe choices of unsuspecting strangers around you. Friends frequently compliment you on your eye for clothing, right? If only you could spread your gift to the world and...

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Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

05/14/12 Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

Posted in Fashion, [Featured]

Every woman you know has owned one of Chanel’s fragrances at least once in her lifetime. Hasta tu mami y abuelita. But, you want to stand out from the others. Leave a scent that lingers with sophistication and youthfulness. Beige by Chanel does all of that with its white and yellow floral scent and just a hint of honey. Master...

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Pantene Pena

05/07/12 Pantene Pena

Posted in Products

As savvy Latinas, we know that every day is Earth day. We love our Mother Earth as much as we love our mamis. Que bueno to find out that Pantene Nature Fusion collection is the first hair care brand to use renewable, sugarcane-based plastic in its product packaging. Bravo! You’re dying to know how the new collection will work on...

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