Amazing Gifts From Amazing Clubs

06/05/12 Amazing Gifts From Amazing Clubs

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Who loves you as much as your Mami? Your Papi, of course! Chica, you’re his princesa. This Father’s Day treat him like a king.Amazing Clubs makes gift-giving fun and he will remember the gift long after the day is gone because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Papiis going to be happy when he continues to receive a gift...

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Picture Perfect with Lytro

05/17/12 Picture Perfect with Lytro

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Spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive camera only to find out that you’re going to need to spend more money to learn how to use it es una locura! A Lytro is the solution for beautiful pictures. You want to capture the moment when your novio dances to La Macerena, not mess up your manicure fiddling with the focusing lens....

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Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

05/14/12 Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

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Every woman you know has owned one of Chanel’s fragrances at least once in her lifetime. Hasta tu mami y abuelita. But, you want to stand out from the others. Leave a scent that lingers with sophistication and youthfulness. Beige by Chanel does all of that with its white and yellow floral scent and just a hint of honey. Master...

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Social Media Network for Cancer Survivors

03/22/12 Social Media Network for Cancer Survivors

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It sucks feeling like you’re all alone in the world. Especially when you’re facing a potentially fatal illness like cancer. It’s kind of like when nobody would pick you for a game of dodge ball in 2nd grade, because you had coke-bottle glasses and a mess of untamable, black curly hair. As if being nerdy and having...

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HPNG Event: Meet the Digital Media Divas

03/21/12 HPNG Event: Meet the Digital Media Divas

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Got a dream? Well, get off your butt y a trabajar como un esclavo, mujer. Nobody has even gotten anywhere by just counting their lucky stars or praying their daily Hail Mary’s. Don’t get me wrong. As much as I believe in mis angelitos and have been spared from precarious events from playing out in my South American...

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Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

03/20/12 Dirty Talk with Jen Carlos: The Laundry

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Watching your novio do the laundry is hot right? What? He doesn’t do it! Send your man packing out the door along with his dirty laundry. Ok, you love him too much to do that? Have him read this exclusive interview with heartthrob, JenCarlos Canela, who is the Hispanic spokesperson for the new Tide Pods laundry detergent and...

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