Cash Only, Please

Nov 21, 11 Cash Only, Please

Say you’re getting married, and you’d rather your guests contribute financially towards the honeymoon of your dreams than getting a bunch of gravy boats and throw pillows. Or maybe you’re having a baby and would rather get a leg up on his college fund than get another set of onesies. Except…asking for money is generally considered pretty tacky. It’s almost as bad as that time Tia Luisa broke out the Tupperware at the buffet line at your cousin Daniela’s wedding (que oso!). So, what to do? Just keep your mouth shut and pretend to love the bunch of gifts you don’t really need? You’re in luck, because there is a viable alternative. Deposit a Gift allows you to create an online registry where friends and family can contribute monetarily towards a special event in your life – be it a wedding, a birthday, a fundraiser – where cash is preferred. You can set up a personal website where you can share with everyone what their contribution will help you get and keep track of the money received. According to etiquette experts monetary gifts are becoming increasingly acceptable, and this is a nice way to spread the word about your choice of gift. Certainly more polite and less in-your-face than Tia Luisa has ever been.

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