Cascarones: One Cool Egg Tradition

Apr 04, 12 Cascarones: One Cool Egg Tradition

You know, you’d think that Easter and Passover have nothing to do with each other, but they have más en común than you can imagine. Example? Huevos. And I’m talking about the edible kind, like the ones you have for breakfast, sucia.

Speaking of eggs, giving chocolate ones to pequeños esquincles is more of a gringo tradition, but whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover there are more ways you can use your huevitos. Not sure if you knew, but they are pretty symbolic to many cultures including Mexican, Jewish and even Bulgarian. In the Christian religion, they symbolize the resurrection. In Passover, they symbolize the temple sacrifice and continuing cycle of life and are included in the Seder meal. One awesome Mexican tradition is to create Cascarones. They are basically hollowed eggs that you drain, clean, dry, paint, and fill up with colorful confetti or a small toy. To make them, gently tap the top of an egg with a needle or knife, peel away a small hole, empty the uncooked inside contents, and then thoroughly rinse and dry the egg before you decorate it. Once it’s dry you can dye or paint it in any way you want. Pink! Pink! I call pink, with green streaks.

The idea of using cascarones was brought over to Mexico in the mid 1800′s by the wife of Emperor Maximillan, which is said to have come from China and eventually made it’s way to Italy. Globalization has been around for centuries, mujer. Who knew? And anyone who has one cracked on their head is said to receive good luck, love and rebirth. See? Turns out, eggs are pretty useful for more than just el desayuno.

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  1. Stephanie Cardozo /

    I adore Easter! Especially for what it stands for, but love the other cute traditions that represent rebirth and something new. Especially coloring eggs. I can’t wait to try this! Thank you for sharing.

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