Carolina Marin

Oct 25, 11 Carolina Marin

City you live in:
I live In New York (Originally from Pereira, Colombia).

I am fluent in both Languages, but I love my Spanish.

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
My favorite latin food I can’t live without is Arepas.

What is your Latina contradiction?
My latina contradiction is having stopped drinking coffee and eating red meat, after changing my lifestyle.

When you think of Latin culture, what are the first words you think of?
When I think of Latin culture the first word I think of is Passion.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
I was born and raised in Colombia.

Latina? American? Both?
I am Latina con toques de Americana.

Favorite Latin artist or music?
My favorite Latin artist, ohhh so many: Calle 13, Shakira, Soda Stereo, Bebe, Jarabe de Palo.

iPhone or BlackBerry?
Love my Blackberry.

How do you describe your style?
I have my own style, but it really depends on my mood, some days I feel sexy and some days I feel more conservative.

What’s your favorite Latin restaurant?
I don’t have a favorite Latin restaurant, I prefer my mom’s homemade cooking.

[name]Carolina Marin[/name]
[description]I have my own style, but it really depends on my mood[/description]

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