CardFlick is a Cool Trick

Feb 20, 12 CardFlick is a Cool Trick

Your jefe is sending you to a business conference and wants you to use your networking skills for more than just getting free drinks at the bar. She wants proof, too. Your mission is to exchange business cards with everyone there.

While excited about the challenge, you’re not thrilled with the idea of carrying over 200 business cards in your purse to distribute to every Pepe, Maria and Bob you meet. You will feel like your entrepreneur Tía Raquel did years ago at her business gatherings. Not to worry. CardFlick allows you to exchange business cards via their website, email, and iphones! Android users, they are taking names for beta testing.

So, with a flick of your hand, your new acquaintance tiene toda tu información. With your company logo and information exchanged on the virtual business card, you can concentrate on exchanging ideas and dreaming about that new promotion. Suerte!

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