Camerism Isn’t A Religion

May 24, 12 Camerism Isn’t A Religion

This Memorial Day weekend brush the dust off the fancy digital camera, the one your mami bought you for Christmas. Chica, you were so funny when you thought you were going to be the next Ansel Adams until you saw all of those buttons on it. Sadly, it sits on the top of your closet waiting for the day you learn how to work it. With Camerasim, you can practice taking a perfect picture before using your own camera.

This sim allows you to take a picture of a little girl moving side to side while holding a pinwheel at a playground. The icons on the screen are exactly like the ones found on your camera. After snapping the photo by pushing a button, the site gives you feedback on your photo. It’s like having your own maestra de fotografia. There is an explanation for each icon that you click on. You can change the distance of the little girl or the lighting to make it a cloudier day. It’s fun and easy.

Who knows? With Camerism, you can be the Latina version of Ansel Adams. But for now, take cool pics of those hot men flexing their guns at this year’s Memorial Day bash.

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