Callejon Con Salida

Feb 19, 10 Callejon Con Salida

online makeup community I am sooo buying that new ultra-super-mega lash plumping mascara I just saw on TV. Surely it will make my eyelashes look like a China doll’s, just like in the commercial.

How many times have you been enticed by glossy propagandas only to arrive home and discover once you get past the shiny packaging that your new foundation does not, in fact, provide a light, flawless finish? Or that the mascara with the revolutionary new wand is actually a clumpy mess? Ay, ay, ay, if I had a nickel for every item of disappointing makeup that has wound-up untouched at the bottom of my bathroom drawer, I could afford the entire MAC counter. But you need never go through this again with the help of This online community provides reviews from other users on hundreds of cosmetics, this way you know what you’re getting before you buy. They also have a very cool feature where you can list your barely-used beauty products and swap them with other members. Excuse me, I think I have a drawer to go clear out.



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