Calle Ocho: Best Latin Street Festival in Miami

Feb 23, 12 Calle Ocho: Best Latin Street Festival in Miami

You’d love to take off to the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires next month, but who’s going to pay for it? The Help Your Child After College fund was cut off a while ago and your bank account has seen better days. Next best option on a budget? Pack your bags, chica! Bienvenido a Miami!

Everybody thinks nothing else exists outside of Miami but glitz and glamour, all nighters at Nikki Beach and guys who look like your Tio Juan Carlos with burly chest hair pouring out of an Armani suit and a BriteSmile grin, but think again. Deep within Miami’s belly is a vibrant Latino community, Little Havana. I mean, why go to Cuba when you have Calle Ocho? In fact, we heard the best Latin street festival, Calle Ocho, is just around the corner, so use that Travelocity toolbar you have on your desktop, mujer. You saved it for a reason.

And, it’s one heck of a party once the Festival closes off 24 blocks of SW 8th St. to host dancing, food, drinking and 30 stages of live entertainment on March 14th. Over a million spectators come to parrandear their pants off with Salsa, merengue, reggaeton, arepas de choclo, croquetas, piragas, and so much more. You name it, all things Latino are spilling out on the streets including, your friend’s cousins, Maria and Daniela’s, breasts.

Sure. You might have to rub shoulders with Tio Juan Carlos lookalikes, but for God’s sake girl, live a little. Trust me. It’s worth going.

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