Bug Free Summer

May 22, 12 Bug Free Summer

This weekend you’re throwing the coolest fiesta in your backyard! You have everything: mojitos, salsa music, BarBaQuey, and bugs! Bugs? How can we enjoy your hermano’s imitation of Pitbull’s hit, “I Know You Want Me” if we are busy swatting away those pesky insects? Chica, I know you don’t want that so use these eco friendly tips to keep your guests from slapping themselves silly.

Hang a brown bag filled with several crumbled plastic bags. According to Vocalcoach, the wasps think the brown bag is another wasp’s nest. Turns out wasps have territorial respect for one another. Too bad your loco neighbor isn’t like that.

Of course, ants always ruin outdoor dining. And we don’t mean your Aunt Lucinda this time, but that’s another story. However, when those little armies get together they make the Colombian guerillas look like babies playing Patty Cake. No problem! Pour some lemon juice or baking soda wherever ants congregate. They won’t cross the line unlike your Aunt Lucinda. Ay, mujer!

Follow these tips and your BarBaQuey will be the buzz of the entire barrio!

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