Brush Your Way To Better Skin

Aug 23, 10 Brush Your Way To Better Skin

Skin cleansing brush By the bedtime rolls around (and it gets earlier and earlier all the time. I always heard you end up turning into your mother, but I’m turning into my abuelita), all I want to do is flop into bed right away. But, of course, there’s the pre-sleep ritual of face-washing, teeth-brushing, and so on. Yawn. Sometimes I’m so tired I wish I could skip the whole thing, but there’s nothing healthy, or attractive, about going to sleep with a face full of makeup and leaving half of it on the pillow (have you ever tried to get red lipstick off a pillowcase?). What if I told you there’s a way to cleanse your face more thoroughly than you ever have AND you can do it in one single minute?

Too good to be true, you say? Not so, says I. Or at least so says Clarisonic, to be more accurate.  They developed a Skin Cleansing System that uses sonic frequency to clean your face with a micro-massaging brush. In just 60 little seconds a day, the Clarisonic not only cleans but helps to smooth your skin, reduce fine lines and tighten pores so you can have perennially young skin, like Salma Hayek’s. Plus, your skin will be squeaky clean so it will absorb products better. Abuelita had her secret weapons, now you have yours.”

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