Brown Bag It And Save (Your Money and Your Health)

Dec 05, 11 Brown Bag It And Save (Your Money and Your Health)

As a result of our super-busy days, many aspects of our lives suffer. Nutrition is usually the first one to get neglected. Most meals consist of a quickly-scarfed pile of calories and transfats, which your mami would have a fit about if she knew. We know you don’t have a lot of time to cook, but with Chef Elsie Ramos’ super-easy recipes you can whip up a variety of quick and healthy dishes that would be just as great for dinner as in a brown bag lunch for the office:

  • Save the leftover chicken from Sunday dinner then slice it and sauté it onions, peppers y un poquito de teriyaki sauce. Serve on o whole wheat wrap and you’ve got yourself a mean chicken fajita.
  • Beat 4 to 6 eggs together with spinach and shredded cheese in a skillet, cover and cook on low. Result: a delicious quiche to be served with a side salad.
  • Cook some turkey sausage or kielbasa and chop into small pieces. Add a peeled and cut potato and a chopped onion and cook together. Easy as counting to three, and done just as quick.
  • Prepare some wheat penne pasta and add some cooked sausage meat. Drizzle with fat-free Italian dressing and parmesan cheese. Listo!
  • Put your favorite cold cuts or thinly sliced meat inside a hot dog bun. Cook on both sides and “press” it for a Panini-style sandwich that does not have a Panini-style price tag.  Be sure to wrap it in foil to keep it warm and it doesn’t fall apart.

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