Borba Guanabana Drink for Beautiful Skin

Feb 27, 12 Borba Guanabana Drink for Beautiful Skin

Never did understand the whole idea of a genie in a bottle. We all know they don’t exist. Just like unicorns, Prince Charming and gold at the end of the rainbow. Sorry. Not there, chica. I looked. But beautiful skin in a bottle? Now, that is real. In fact, it can now be found in the skin and beauty section of Walgreens in a six pack carton right next to the beauty elixirs and anti-oxidant infused moisturizers.

It’s called Borba Guanabana fruit skin drink. Guanabana wha? No. I’m not stuttering. That’s what it’s called. This amazing fruit, native of the Caribbean and South America, looks like it could double for a grenade with it’s tough, green spiky skin covering the entirety of its body; but once you split the fruit open, what comes out are large, smooth black seeds covered in a creamy, white flesh that tastes like a blend of vanilla, strawberry and banana. Oish! Que rico!

Can’t pronounce it? Remember that funny song that the purple Muppet with a feathery orange beard would sing that always made you smile: Mahna Manha? Yep. That’s how you say it. Accent is on the last A. Even if you still can’t pronounce it, all you need to know is that this water with skin-caring benefits contains four essential B vitamins and is infused with green tea and grape see extract. That just means once you drink it; you’ll get smoother, firmer, glowing, healthier skin almost immediately from the inside out. Now, that is worth believing in.

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    Having a flawless skin is very essential for a man and a woman both. It is very important that you look very presentable and beautiful wherever you go

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