Better than Barefoot: Free Gym+ Shoe

Feb 27, 12 Better than Barefoot: Free Gym+ Shoe

Ever wonder what lives on that floor in your Yoga class? Pack a bunch of sweaty, scantily clothed bodies into a tight space and you’ll get germs–lots of them. Que asco! If you’re mamita knew what resides there, she’d have Mistolin on that floor faster than you can say Frijoles Borrachos.

With the new Nike Free Gym+, created specifically for Yoga and mind-body type classes, you’ll never have to wonder if that girl in pink who was just complaining about Athlete’s Foot stepped right where you are rocking your Warrior Pose. Yuck!  Weighing in at only 5 oz the hot looking shoe wraps around your feet and toes like a second skin. It has added cushioning, amazing traction and is totally flexible for you’re downward dogging or half of the mooning. I’m not talking about baring a portion of your butt, you dirty girl.

Plus, since they’re meant to be worn without socks these babies were built with natural odor absorbing lining infused with volcanic rock-derived fibers that absorbs the sweat, so you don’t ever have to worry about blowing your Yoga buddies out of the room with your powerful pecueca. Especially, embarrassing if that hot guy, Brad, in your Bikram class caught a whif of your stinky feet. It would stop him in his tracks, girl, and not for the right reasons. Get a pair.

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