Belt It Out

May 11, 11 Belt It Out

Hey fashionistas of the world, what is this season’s must-have accessory? Answer: a belt. Or rather, a whole mess of them. You know by now that belts emphasize your killer Latina curves, or help create them where none exist. Pretty and with a purpose, yay! But not just any belt will do; you don’t want to walk around looking like Manny Pacquiao after having won a fight. A Cosmopolatina is always in the know, so which belts are el ultimo grito de la moda? Tanesha from Girl With Curves enlightens us:

As a bonus tip, Tanesha lets us in on her perfect spring ensemble: bright white, wide-leg trousers with a colorful flowy top belted at the waist completed by ethnic inspired earrings and tan espadrille wedges. Divino. Now go to your wardrobe and get belt-crazy with it!

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