Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

May 14, 12 Beige by Chanel is More Than a Color

Every woman you know has owned one of Chanel’s fragrances at least once in her lifetime. Hasta tu mami y abuelita. But, you want to stand out from the others. Leave a scent that lingers with sophistication and youthfulness. Beige by Chanel does all of that with its white and yellow floral scent and just a hint of honey.

Master perfumer, Jacques Polge created Beige in 2008 but few women know about it because it’s not sold at Macy’s or Bloomingdales with all of the other Chanel fragrances. That’s how exclusive your new signature fragrance will be. Ask your know-it-all prima Lissandra, who considers herself la fashionista de la familia, if she has heard of Chanel’s Beige. She will rattle off about how it was Chanel’s favorite color and that no such perfume with that name exists.

Don’t argue with her, chica. Leave the scent of mystery and Beige lingering long after you leave the room. Make Beige the new colorfully scented you.

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