Bedbugs And How To Fight Them

Apr 26, 11 Bedbugs And How To Fight Them

Most of us probably grew up thinking “don’t let the bedbugs bite” was nothing more than a cute way to say good night. Unfortunately, these damn bichos are all too real as the recent wave of infestations has proven (and left us in a cold panic of staying at a New York City hotel). If you happen to come across one of these creepy crawlers, you need to know what you’re up against. If you’re at a hotel, you need to take measures to make sure you don’t bring a stowaway in your clothes or luggage and spread the plague to your home (que horror!). If it’s at home that you found them, as gross as it may sound you need to continue sleeping in your own bed as you are the bait that will get them to come out of hiding and into the trap your pest control professional will set up (you also don’t want to spread them to other parts of your house). Dealing with these devil creatures is no joke; you will need a professional to help you get rid of them. Don’t bother with stuff like bug bombs, you’ll only make the problem worse.  The best thing you can do is read up on bedbugs, how to identify them, how to prevent an infestation and contain one, and call up an exterminator pronto. If you thought cucarachas were bad, get ready for a real battle.


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    Thank you for the heads up. You may also want to know that bed bugs, like any other pests, are so persistent and are so hard to control. If you have been applying pesticides and harmful pest control substances in areas suspected of having these parasites, chances are greater that you will fail because most of the pesticides in the market are repellant to insects. It means, when you have used one, bed bugs will be repelled or they will avoid getting at or near the surfaces or areas where the pesticide is applied which means they will not be killed. Bed bugs will start to wander and the spread of bed bugs is accelerated. – Lee

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