Beauty Products Are Not Always Pretty

Mar 22, 11 Beauty Products Are Not Always Pretty

You read the labels on the food you buy, right? There are tons of harmful ingredients to look out for these days. So if you’re careful about what you put in your body, it only makes sense that you would do the same with what you put on it, right? Namely the vast quantities of soaps, lotions, cosmetics and other beauty products you use on a daily basis.

  • Case in point, the antibacterial agent triclosan which is found in many antibacterial soaps. The safety of this chemical is currently under review by the FDA and has already been banned in Europe due to health concerns. Not only has it been found to be toxic to humans, but to the environment as well. Plus, it may actually also cause resistant strains of bacteria to develop. Great, here you were thinking you were fighting germs and you’re actually making them stronger. That’s what you’d call peor el remedio que la enfermedad. It’s found in many products other than soap, so keep an eye out.
  • Who doesn’t like the stuff they slather on to smell nice? However, the fragrance in your beauty products may be anything but nice.  ‘Fragrance’, ‘scent’ and ‘parfum’ are usually blanket terms for a combination of miscellaneous chemicals, including phthalates, which may be potentially harmful to your immune system, so stick to fragrance-free products.
  • The sunscreen in lip products usually contains blockers for UVB (burning rays) only, not UVA (skin cancer rays); so not only is it pointless it can be downright dangerous. When in doubt, vegan lip balm is the way to go.

When it comes to beauty the old adage is that para lucir hay que sufrir, but that only applies to tight shoes and waxing, not putting your health on the line!

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  1. Veronica /

    wow! thanks for flagging this! definitely reading all labels now :)

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