Be A Smarter You

Jul 17, 11 Be A Smarter You

Are you one of those people who are simply inhuman before their first coffee of the day? Whether you take it black, a café con leche or a colada, you need your caffeine fix before you can go out and face the world (and anyone who comes near you before then, BEWARE!). You may think you are kick-starting a long and productive day, but you may just be setting yourself up to come crashing down. Coffee gets your adrenaline pumping which makes you more alert and may even improve mental function, but not for long. By the time you’re hitting the cafetera for a refill, you’re most likely anxious and irritable. That’s because the adrenaline is wearing off, making you depressed and tired, and aching for more caffeine. You may think you’re getting plenty of rest just because the coffee doesn’t keep you awake, but caffeine stays in your system and blocks adenosine receptors, which you need to achieve the deep sleep that is vital to your health. That’s why you wake up feeling tired the next morning, desperate for a cup o’ joe.  It’s an endless cycle of accelerated heart rate, addiction and troubled sleep. Irritation and tiredness are not exactly conducive to brilliance (unless mediocrity is what you’re shooting for, which we doubt). Try to limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day, that’s enough to improve your brainpower without overtaxing your system. Better yet, switch to tea. It may be hard at first, but it may help you unleash your inner Einstein.

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