Battle The Pain

Oct 06, 11 Battle The Pain

Ay, ay, ay, here we go again. That piercing feeling in your head that lets you know a killer migraine is looming on the horizon. Whyyy?? What did you ever do to deserve this misery?  Years ago mami would have had you believe it was God’s punishment for talking back and staying out past curfew, but obviously you know better by now. There are actually a bunch of external factors that can trigger migraines (not one of them being celestial intervention), so you need to pay attention to what you may be sensitive to in order to prevent future headaches:

  • Many, many foods are known to be migraine triggers. Among them are bananas, aged cheeses, liquor, dairy products, peanuts, aspartame, processed meats, chocolate, caffeine, lentils and citrus fruits. Hope those are not some of your favorites.
  • Emotional changes and stress are among the most common causes. Stress is the culprit behind most of our health woes, so it’s essential to find a good way to cope with it.
  • Sometimes your senses can become overloaded by a strong smell (perfume, cigarette smoke, ammonia, etc.) or bright or flickering lights. Identify them so you know to stay away from them.
  • Hunger and lack of sleep are also possible factors, so make sure to clean your plate and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Changes in weather or altitude can bring on migraines in some people. If you’ve noticed things like sudden rain, or changes in temperature, humidity, air quality or airplane travel affect you, talk to your doctor about how you can minimize the impact of these issues on your migraine.

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  1. Bianca /

    I so agree with this…… Most of everything expressed here triggers my migraines immediately.

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