Barbeque Latin Style

Jul 02, 10 Barbeque Latin Style

Set those fireworks abarbeque latin style blaze mija, the Fourth is here! Just because we’re living the American dream doesn’t mean we have to forget our own culture and traditions. Revel in your biculturalism by celebrating the most American of all holidays with a bit of Latino style! How to do this? Add some Latin flavors to your traditional 4th of July barbecue.

Start by preparing a delicious Dominican marinade with a kick of rum to get the party started. You can use it to season steaks, chuletas or a yummy Puerto Rican pollo al carbon. Another great addition to the grill this year is a Cuban lechon asado. It can be tricky to prepare and not a little daunting to look at, but it is sure to be a hit. Spice up the usual corn on the cob by making it a Mexican grilled corn with chili paste. Wash it all down with a refreshing refajo, a mixed drink made with equal parts beer and Colombiana, a champagne-flavored Colombian soda. If not readily available, substitute the Colombiana for orange soda and enjoy an equally tasty beverage Chileans call  fan-schop. You’re American and you’re Latin, so take pride in both with a celebration that combines good old American patriotism with the incomparable sabor Latino!”

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