Bad Breath Busters

May 07, 10 Bad Breath Busters

bas breath busters

We’re all friends here, so don’t front. We’ve all had a case of the stink-mouth at one time or another. Yes it’s humiliating, especially if you don’t happen to have a Listerine strip or an Altoids handy. Instead of keeping your lips sealed the rest of the day after eating that fragrant encebollado why not try certain foods that can actually help to combat bad breath?

Like parsley: not just a garnish anymore. Chewing on your plate’s decoration may seem a bit weird but it can be a lifesaver when you’re all out of LifeSavers. Same goes for mint (duh, right?). Lemons and oranges help too; try adding a slice of either one to your glass of water. Delicious and refreshing. Apples and berries also kill odorous bacteria, so be sure to order a fruity dessert after that tasty curry. There are many other foods that help fight bad breath, so there’s no excuse to get caught with an overly aromatic mouth ever again.”

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