Azucar! The Truth About It

Jul 24, 11 Azucar! The Truth About It

Ah, sugar, the sweetest of evil temptations. Why must something so delicious be so bad for us? Even when we try to avoid it, it sneaks up on us hidden in unexpected foods. So what exactly is it that makes it so noxious to our health? Well, not all types of sugar are harmful. The sugar naturally found in fruit, fructose, is accompanied by fiber which lets your brain know that you’re full and you should stop eating. When sugar is processed the fiber is removed, so you are not receiving any satiety alerts even if you are consuming a huge amount of calories; you don’t realize you’re full and you just keep eating. This not only results in high fat production (noooooo!), but also in a higher production of bad cholesterol and uric acid, all of which can lead to things like hypertension and high blood pressure. Just great. So what is the solution? Realistically it’s pretty hard to cut out sugar altogether, and there’s no reason why you should, either. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to the occasional dish of abuela’s arroz con leche; the trick is to take it easy with processed foods and ideally eliminate sodas altogether (public enemy numero uno). Up your fiber intake, and keep temptation at bay by not keeping sugary treats at home. If you feel like dessert after dinner, wait 20 minutes. Chances are the craving will have subsided, but if not it’s OK to have a reasonably sized portion. No need to pull out the old sweet tooth, just got to keep it in check.


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