Ay Chihuahua! We Can Travel

May 23, 12 Ay Chihuahua! We Can Travel

This summer, you and las chicas can hit the road without leaving Fifi alone in the doghouse. She deserves to romp around in the sun with her fur blowing in the wind. More and more hotels, resorts and other tourist areas are welcoming our furry friends as long as they are well behaved. Fantastico for Fifi but not so good for your brother’s novia, Valerie. Have you seen her lately? Just saying. Anyhow, thanks to BringFido.com, you don’t have to bark up the wrong tree to figure it all out.

BringFido.com knows which hotels and restaurants will allow all of you to sip your café con leche while Fifi laps up her cool bottled water. It lists events in your visiting area as well as available pet services. Fifi wants a massage? No problem. It’s like living Paris Hilton’s life without the drama. Share your experience and photos on the site’s forum. Fifi will be as pampered as Hilton’s Tinkerbell this summer. Don’t worry about protecting your home. Hang a photo of your brother’s girlfriend on the front door. That should scare away even the meanest burglar.

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