Auras And What They Mean: A Secret Weapon

Oct 15, 10 Auras And What They Mean: A Secret Weapon

Auras And What They Mean: A Secret WeaponMala vibra, the heebee jeebees, or just plain weird; whatever expression you use to explain when something just doesn’t sit right with you is because, let’s face it, mujer, in life sometimes there is a lot more than meets the eye.That’s when a thing called your third eye can come in to practical use; especially when the vibes you’re picking up are coming from that guapo across the room. Sure, he may be a Cristiano Ronaldo look a-like, but there is something you don’t like and it’s more than just his rico suave come-hither stare.

Actually, you are picking up on his energy and, believe it or not, these energies come in lots of colors called auras. In fact long ago, people were better able to see auras. Advanced spiritual people such as Christ and Buddha were painted with golden haloes around their heads because artists depicted their auras. Nowadays even divas like Beyonce are singing about halos. With infectious and convincing lyrics like, “I can see your halo halo halo”, you’d think she may actually see them! You cannot fake the aura. It will show your true nature and intentions for everyone to see. You don’t have to be Walter Mercado to read an aura either; we ALL have the ability to see auras. If you don’t feel like reading a long book about how to do this, you can cheat and take this easy test to find out what your color is and what it means! Though with just a little practice you can tap into your sixth sense and be able to see an aura for yourself, and know that the so-called-handsome guy, actually has a grey aura with some black streaks through it because he’s an alcoholic who spends his time wallowing in his own self pity…pass.”

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