At The Tips Of Your Feet

Mar 24, 11 At The Tips Of Your Feet

While you probably give a fair amount of thought to your shoes you rarely, if ever, stop to think about your heel tips. Maybe it’s time you did, chica, because you’ll save yourself a lot of money and trouble if you start paying closer attention to when they need to be changed. Worn heel tips can damage not only your precious Louboutins but your feet as well. Taking them to el zapatero can be a pain in the neck because you barely have time to make it down there, let alone stand around chatting to old Mr. Gonzalez about the weather and how your Tia is doing after her surgery. Plus, the cost adds up and they take forever to be ready. Instead, try changing them yourself. Don’t balk now, it’s super easy. You just need to order the appropriate size from New Heel Tips (don’t worry, they have a guide to help you find the correct size) and follow their simple instructions to replace them. Then you can proceed to strut your stuff down the street without worrying about a twisted ankle or falling ass-first onto a table. Defective heel tips, that’s what happened.

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