Ary Nuñez

Jan 01, 11 Ary Nuñez

♦ Celebrity Trainer, health psychologist and lifestyle coach
♦ Founder of Gotham Global Fitness in NYC
♦ Nike sponsored athlete
♦ Rihanna’s personal trainer

City I live in:
New York and Los Angeles but mostly on the road with Rihanna and Brand Spokesperson

Occupation and Why?
Ary Nunez is a sexy super-sonic trainer, health psychologist and lifestyle coach to celebrities, every day overachievers and students of her eastern and western fitness arts. Ary is the founder of Gotham Global Fitness, runs a successful training business in NYC and is an internationally featured Nike sponsored athlete. Her fitness background is in the martial arts (This chica is black belted in karate, tae kwon do and Kung Fu and has studied seven), dance (professional for ten years), and western athletics. She works hard to play hard, seeking balance every inch of the way. Ary demands excellence from herself and others. Her dynamic “no excuses …if I can overcome adversity and succeed…so can you!” personality can move mountains and shut down subways. This Brooklyn native is a first generation product of Caribbean Colonialism. As a child she overcame the adversity of the loss of her father by assassination, the loss of her mother’s parenting by depression and the consequent temporary loss of herself by rebelling against authority. All that said, Ary takes enormous pride in knowing that she took an active role to become the person she is today and now helps others achieve their goals.

How do you define success?
Success is the result of one’s expressions realized. Success is freedom earned through learning. Success is overcoming adversity. Success is living life with gratitude and confidence. Success is doing what you want to do. Success is contributing to others.

What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is accepting the things I cannot change and exercising the patience to accept the outcome. It is challenging to observe people conform to group ideologies because they are afraid to stand on their own. It is challenging to observe anyone take advantage of another for personal gain. When I see the greatness of someone I care for and they do not exercise that greatness.

What advice would you give a Latina who wants to follow in your footsteps?
I would advise a Latina who wants to follow in my footsteps to act with self confidence, exercise creativity and complete every goal they have set to achieve. ”I say, I do, I am”:

I SAY: As soon as we give birth to an idea, a concept, a goal, we have started the process of actualizing what we believe. This knowledge is what will drive us to pursue greatness. This is your mission statement, your goal. You want this. This Go get it! (i.e.: I SAY I am a Martial Artist)

I DO: We must then take daily steps to feed your mission. Love what you’ve said you will do. Make a plan for it. Teach yourself everything you can about your goal. How do I do it? Write it down. Make a plan. Check in with your progress. Check off steps in your plan. Complete them. You are now ”doing it”. (ie: I DO: study and apply what you are learning. Study Martial Arts.)

I AM: One day you will realize you are what you said you would be because you have ”practiced” doing it. Do not take this ”I AM” for granted. Continue to fine tune what you know and love. This is such a happy place. You’ve achieved a goal. This accomplishment is contagious and others will be inspired by your efforts. This recognition will further drive you to attempt more. (” I AM a martial artist because ”I SAY” and ”I DO it everyday)

What’s on your bucket list?
My bucket is full! I am working on various media platforms to further share what I love. Stay tuned! I’m under confidentiality to share when they are actualized. My bucket list are ”I DO” steps that will organically materialize more of who ”I AM”.

I am proud to be Latina because:
….because I am a result of a very rich culture and community of people that are brilliant, driven, colorful, passionate, creative, beautiful, engaging, kind and humorous to say a few. I am a fan of culture and diversity because

How do you get your Latin fix?
the food! the music! the family! the arts! the literature! the language! the community! I enjoy, experience and celebrate all these things in every Latino culture. I eat the cusine, I listen and move to the music. I embrace and participate in familial events. I speak Spanish every day. I continue to develop firendships and a devout commitment to my community and deliver to us what I learn. I share my Latina history and pursue learning from my Latino peers.

Spanglish, English, Spanish?
English first language, Spanish at two year old. Bi-Lingual…I can spanglish if I want to!

My favorite Latina stereotype is:
The hot tamale. The ”esposa y mama”. The ”spik: i spik e spanish”. HA!!! I am none of these things. I am happy with my physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual self. I am easy on the eyes. I am not married or care to be. I am fluent in two languages. I speak both.

Best advice from mami and/or abuelita:
dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres!

Favorite home remedy:
Vick vapor rub for everything! apply, steam, eat? so many!

Favorite quote:
Make it happen! its my quote!


[career]Ary is the founder of Gotham Global Fitness, runs a successful training business in NYC and is an internationally featured Nike sponsored athlete.[/career]
[description]Success is the result of one’s expressions realized.[/description]

[fun]♦ My tag name in Brooklyn was “Crazy Rel” ….only a few get to experience this!
♦ “I say I do I am”: its tattooed inside my forearm!
♦ Human Activist

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