Are You Wearing Sunglasses That Fit Your Face?

Jul 08, 10 Are You Wearing Sunglasses That Fit Your Face?

Are You Wearing Sunglasses That Fit Your Face?Whenever I look at pictures of my mami from the 70s the first thing I notice (apart from the feathered hair and hideous platforms) are the giant sunglasses. Love them! They look just like the kind Eva Mendes and other Hollywood actresses wear. I’d love to wear a pair just like them but they look so weird on me.  You, too, have probably worn sunglasses that did you no favors at some point in your life. That’s why we need to learn what complements our face shapes, so we can get the most mileage out of our shades.

Round faces like mine need rectangular or angular glasses to appear thinner and longer. Square faces have strong lines, so they need oval or round glasses to soften up their features. Chicas with heart shaped faces should look to soften their chins by choosing oval and multicolored sunglasses. If your face is oblong (longer than it is wider) you can achieve balance by wearing round or square specs with decorative elements on the temple area. Oval faces are considered ideal because of their balanced proportions, so you can pretty much rock any pair of sunglasses you like, from J.Lo-esque aviators to cat-eye glasses straight off the runaway! No matter which look works best for you, remember the finishing touch is lots of LaCosmopolatina confidence!”

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