App To Plan The Perfect Escape On A Date

Feb 02, 11 App To Plan The Perfect Escape On A Date

Why is it that everyone thinks it’s such a tragedy to be single on Valentine’s Day? Sure it would be nice to have a date, but you’re far from desperate. Unfortunately, all your friends, cousins, tias and even your mami seem to think otherwise and keep shoving potential blind dates down your throat. If you decide to take one of them up on it, just to get them off your back (and hey, it’s a free dinner) then there is one app you absolutely MUST have on your iPhone before trekking out into the unknown: Fake-A-Call. Should the date take a turn for the worse, simply sneak off to the restroom and program your fake call. Your phone will ring at the preset time and display the caller name you pre-selected. At the other end of the line will be a pre-designed script for you to repeat so you don’t have to worry about blowing your cover by not sounding convincing enough. How well thought out is this app?! Once you have expressed sufficient concern for your “friend who got in a car accident” or “abuelita who had to be rushed to the hospital”, you can make your crafty yet dignified getaway and join your other single friends out on the town for a round of caipirinhas.

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