Aphrodisiac Aromas: Scents That Turn Him On

Jan 31, 11 Aphrodisiac Aromas: Scents That Turn Him On

Smells trigger all kinds of memories and emotions. The scent of tamales, for example, may transport you back to your childhood when you played around abuelita’s kitchen while she cooked. Or maybe the smell of the cologne your high school crush wore still makes you all tingly inside every time you catch a whiff. The same goes for your man. A study conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago has shown that certain odors have the power to, ahem, stimulate your chico. And by stimulate, we mean arouse. That’s right, it’s not just foods that have aphrodisiac properties; scents can wake the little chico up too. The aromas that proved most effective were pumpkin pie, lavender, doughnuts, cinnamon, licorice and oriental spices. Uh, yeah, we’re not even going to go into what this says about men, just know that you’re going to need a whole bunch of baked goods and aromatherapy candles this Valentine’s Day to get your fragrance foreplay on. And you can bet that from now on he’s going to be thinking of you and your naughty antics together every time he eats dessert after Thanksgiving dinner.

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