Angelica Isabel Trindade

Aug 29, 11 Angelica Isabel Trindade

City you live in:
Summit, New Jersey.

All three! I speak English around those who only speak English, but speak Spanish around those who speak Spanish. At home, however, around my mom who speaks both, I speak both as well, but I always make sure to ask her the right way to say a word or say a phrase in Spanish when I’m stuck, because I am constantly trying to improve my Spanish, (although I consider myself a fluent Spanish speaker). The thing is, just like my mom will never speak English perfectly because it is not her native language, I will never speak perfect Spanish because it is not my first language, pero yo me defiendo!

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
To tell you the truth, I don’t like Mexican food, although I am, in fact, part Mexican. Despite being surrounded by traditional Mexican dishes prepared perfectly, (mom’s way is always the perfect way), when it comes to food I am a total American girl–Bring on the burgers and fries!

What is your Latina contradiction?
Well, the fact that I don’t like Latin food ties into my Latina contadiction, but there are other things as well. Growing up, Latina girls are taught how to act and behave like a lady (at least I was). One thing I was taught was that a girl’s voice shouldn’t be louder than a whisper, but…seriously?! I am as loud and expressive as they come! I love to act out and be crazy. I dress the way I want to and don’t care if people look at me while I jam out on my ipod when I’m walking my dog on the street. I dance and I sing because I am comfortable in my own skin and never stop to over-assess myself–selfconciousness is ridiculous and unnecessary! I believe in just being yourself…accept yourself and others will learn to accept you!

When you think of Latin culture, what are the first words you think of?
Definitely…Spice! Passion! Salsa verde! Curves! Dance! Red lipstick! Celebration! Music!..but most importantly, family and togetherness.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
I was born in the U.S, but my mother is Mexican and my father is from Portugal. My mother is the first one in her family to make the big move from Mexico to the United States. Leaving a safe, familiar place for the outside world where not everybody speaks your language is a big step that takes a lot of valor! I couldn’t be more proud of her bravery. I couldn’t be more proud to be her daughter.

Latina? American? Both?
Both! A little bit here and little bit there equals me!

Favorite Latin artist or music?
Camila, by far! They have the most beautiful soft music and their lyrics on the cycle of love, heartbreak, change, and regrowth really speak to me, but when it comes to music I am totally open- minded. I don’t care who sang the song or what genre it is–if I like the song, I like it!

iPhone or BlackBerry?
Blackberry, but sometimes I think that technology, (especially fancy phones), are so smart they are dumb. It’s definitely way overrated. It’s nice to have such a spiffy phone, but I could survive with a less complex (and less complicated!) one.

How do you describe your style?
My style is a little bit of everything. My style is like a mood ring. If I feel super girly and giddy then it’s something light- colored and sweet. If I feel more chillaxed, then it’s a hoodie and skinny jeans. No matter what I wear, however, I never forget to topple myself in bright big accessories! I love my earings!

What is your favorite Latin restaurant?
El Toro Loco, I love me some chimichangas! (There still is no comparison with my greasy fries though :D )

[name]Angelica Isabel Trindade[/name]
[description]I believe in just being yourself…accept yourself and others will learn to accept you![/description]

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