Android App Fever

Feb 09, 12 Android App Fever

Are you ever envious of your amigas who have iPhones with those fancy apps? Being a tech savvy Latina with your hot looking Android you spout off that you can create better apps than those, but can you really?

Ha! Mentirosa! Well, who cares? Nobody has to know. Even if you don’t know the first thing about programming you can pretend you’re a Steve Jobs for Android, cause you know Droids are better, and show off your mad skills with Publish5.

It allows you to make apps for Android mobile phones in a snap. Point here, click here, click there and voila! Your Betty La Fea geeky side comes out, minus the glasses and horrid poncho. Before you know it, you just created an App in practically less time than you can say Enchiladas Rancheras con guacamole.

Take a bite out of that, manzana people.

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