An Uber-Cool Ride

Mar 15, 11 An Uber-Cool Ride

A Cosmopolatina is nothing if not stylish, and that applies to all areas of her life. You dress with flair, decorate with flair and even cook with flair; so why not take your cabs with flair? Riding in a smelly yellow cab is about as desirable as having a conversation with Charlie “Warlock” Sheen these days (please don’t tell anyone Carlos Estevez is actually a Latino. Having Celia Lora is bad enough). Travel in style when you use Uber, a service that allows you to request a car via text message or iPhone and Android apps. Within minutes, a sleek black sedan will swing by to pick you up and turn your amigas green with envy. They will automatically charge your credit card on file, tip included, so you don’t even have to worry about having enough cash on you. It’s like having a private chauffeur on speed dial! They are currently only operating in San Francisco, but will be expanding to other cities very soon starting with the NYC. Call Uber for a ride to the airport, a concert, or back from the club if you don’t want to pull a Celia.

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