An Easy Way To Keep Track Of Expired Make-Up

Apr 27, 10 An Easy Way To Keep Track Of Expired Make-Up

an easy way to keep track of expired makeup

The bottom of one’s make-up case is usually a trove of tacky, unused make-up originally bought for reasons that defy all logic. In mine I have found glittery blue eye-shadow (Bendito, what was I thinking?), pink frosted lipstick (is it possible that’s been in there since the 80s?) and red (red!) mascara. What look was I going for? Celia Cruz? I don’t know but I plead temporary insanity.

While these appalling items undoubtedly deserve to go in la basura, there may be other items in your case that need to be discarded as well even if you actually use them. Make-up does have an expiration date, you know. It’s important to be aware of this in order to avoid potential infections. The best way to keep track of your cosmetics’ shelf life is with Beauty Alert’s cute and helpful labels. They come in 4 categories, ranging from 3 to 18 months. Simply write down the date you opened your product and stick it on, thus preventing your favorite item from becoming a bacterial breeding ground. If you need a guideline to make-up shelf life, this site will prove very useful. If only there was a label that warned against dubious make-up choices, mistakes like my Celia Cruz hot mess would never have to happen to anyone ever again.

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