An App That Acts Like A Phone: Line 2

Feb 16, 11 An App That Acts Like A Phone: Line 2
Many Cosmopolatinas are starting their own businesses these days. Naturally, many of them start out small. Maybe a home office with no separate phone line (yet). If you feel unprofessional giving out your home or cell phone number to business contacts, all you need to do is install the Line 2 app on your iPhone. You can also add it to your iPod or iPad to turn them into a mobile phone. It adds a second line to your phone (which can be an 800 number if you want) complete with all the frills you need to make your blooming little empresa look like a big-time corporation, like voicemail messages sent as e-mail, Auto Attendant (“for Advertising press 1, for Sales press 2” and so on, all leading to little old you), call screening and more. They offer unlimited calls to the US and Canada, and super-low international rates. Perfect for staying in touch with abuelita back in the motherland, since she has yet to get on Facebook or Skype (Ha! Like that’s going to happen). So what are you waiting for? You can spruce up your business image and keep family ties strong with one simple little app.

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