Amazonian Treasure

Mar 09, 11 Amazonian Treasure

With the huge amount of all-natural products available today, it seems weird that anyone would still opt for products that are full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Kind of like choosing tripas over bistec. Maybe they just haven’t found the right product to change their minds. But conversion is imminent once they learn about Wembe. Just what is Wembe, you ask? It is a line of organic, paraben-free soaps inspired by the lush vegetation of the Amazonian rainforest. Each bar is made with whole pieces of plants, fruits and herbs to gently cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize, not to mention perfume-ize. The soaps follow the aroma-therapeutic principles of each plant to leave you serene and fragrant. You’ll soon be so hooked on varieties like black clay, avocado and mango, you’ll never go back to tripas again.

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