Always be prepared

Jun 14, 11 Always be prepared

With so many balls up in the air, it’s possible for a few things to slip your mind now and again. For instance, have you ever rushed into a meeting with a client and been like ‘er, what is this dude’s name again?’ Don’t worry, you’re not going senile, it happens to the best of us. But just to be on the safe side, you’d better get you some Noteleaf for your smartphone. This app works with Google calendar and LinkedIn to make sure you are always prepared. Here’s how it works: you schedule your meetings on your Google calendar and Noteleaf uses LinkedIn to enhance your calendar with information about the person you are meeting. Name, position, company, email address, even their picture and your most recent electronic exchanges are fed into your reminder. You are then sent a text message with a link to all this precious info right before your meeting, so you can breeze in with full confidence. It’s like having a built-in secretaria, except this one won’t try to sleep with your man or steal your job (or have we been watching too many novelas?).

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